Dear Clay,
Thank you for all the very fine work you did at our home.  I received so many compliments and I always told everyone it was you.  Not many people have such an eye and knack for beauty.  I’m sure the landscaping helped sell our home.
We are onto a new life and looking forward to our new home in Naperville.  I know that you are familiar with the area and even our street.  I guess we are almost neighbors.  We can’t wait to work with you next year in adding some landscaping to our home and also our patio.
Thanks again to you and your sons, your fine workers, etc.
Dear Clay,
Thank you all so much for everything!!!!  You have a great bunch of guys working for you!  The yard looks amazing!!!!
Hi Clay Jr.,
The walkway looks Fantastic! Once again your team did an excellent job.  My whole family has commented how great it looks.
Thanks again,
Thanks for everything!!  You made our move a pleasure.  I enjoy pulling up to the house everyday.  You are a great friend and always make sure me and my family are taken care of.
See you soon,
Unilock Authorized Contractor